WM launches The Marketing Bin

With the WM brand comes many different communications. Now, to give employees easy access to all these materials is a new online resource called The Marketing Bin.

Its mission is to put everything that’s been developed in one central location so that it’s the first place employees can go to when promoting the WM brand. Why spend the time and effort to create something that may already exist? Replacing the Online Marketing Center (OMC), The Marketing Bin was built with three user-friendly goals in mind:

                        o   When logged onto the WM network, visit either the “Sales and Marketing” or “Marketing” pages on Visor and then look for a link on the left side of the page. If you are prompted to login, use your WM network username and password.

                        o   When not logged onto the WM network, or for a direct link, access The Marketing Bin online at http://marketingbin.wm.com . Login using your WM network username and password. 

The Marketing Bin is a resource and a tool to differentiate our brand effectively, efficiently and memorably. If you have question, please email us at MarketingBinSupport@wm.com.  User guides and training videos are also available in the Help section.

Dive in and take advantage of everything The Marketing Bin has to offer.