WM supports marathon bombing victim

Local operations staying “Boston Strong”

Boston, Mass. – You’ve probably seen Jeff Bauman before. Following the tragic bombing that took
place during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, he was photographed holding his injured leg
while being accompanied by the “man in a cowboy hat,” Carlos Arrendondo. 

Following the incident, Bauman had both legs amputated, beginning a long journey of rehabilitation.
To offer assistance during this tough time, citizens of Boston — and the world — came together with
monetary donations and services. This includes Waste Management, which recently donated containers
to service Jeff Bauman’s home renovation.

The project, called Building for Bauman, brought several partners together to make the house more
navigable for his new prosthetic legs. This included constructing a new:

“Jeff was the face of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy,” said Rusty Chase, WM construction services
account manager. “So it was great to be involved on any level and the house turned out great.”

According to the Concord Monitor newspaper, which wrote a story about the project, Bauman was extremely
grateful for the support. Speaking during an interview, he said, “You know, when (the bombing) happened to
me, I didn’t think this was going to happen…it’s insane the amount of support I get.”