Construction professionals awarded for
diversion and recycling

WM’s Sustainability Circle of Excellence Award
recognizes top customers

HOUSTON – Helping builders and developers across North America put construction
materials to reuse, Waste Management has announced the winners of its third annual
Sustainability Circle of Excellence Award, a customer recognition that focuses squarely
on the environmental performances within the construction industry.

This year’s winning companies diverted the highest total tonnage from a landfill to a
recycling facility in 2013.

“Congratulations to each company for their outstanding environmental performance,” Steiner said.
“We look forward to tracking these benchmarks in the future, since they represent a shared
commitment to diversion, recycling and sound environmental practices.”

To know the precise impact their construction projects had on the environment, all of the winning
companies used Waste Management’s Diversion and Recycling Tracking Tool (DART®), an online
application that calculates the amount of waste — as well as the different types of waste — being
diverted from the landfill.

Information is updated daily with accurate recycling totals. The tool can then convert those numbers
into environmental statistics, such as the equivalent amount of greenhouse emissions a project
avoided. The information DART® provides is used by some of the nation’s top builders to achieve
LEED® certification.

In recognition of this award, each recipient will receive a set of items that represent their shared
commitment to the environment, as well as a personal congratulatory letter from WM CEO
and President David Steiner. 

“We want to serve our customers better than anyone in the industry and the DART® tool is helping
us do that,” said Jane Sumner, vice president overseeing construction services for Waste Management.

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