WM helps San Diego Comic Con

“Calling All Eco Superheroes”


San Diego, Calif. – Eco-friendly champions, Waste Management and the leaders of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation have joined forces (yet again) to lead event attendees in pursuit of a greener planet at this year’s Comic-Con, which took place July 24-27.


The mission? To increase recycling at the San Diego Convention Center — from set-up to tear-down — and thus add to the nearly 285,000 tons of materials already saved from local landfills since the company began servicing the event in 2011.


“As Comic-Con is one of San Diego’s biggest annual events, this is a great opportunity to support our environment by recycling as much as possible,” said Eloisa Orozco, communications manager for WM of Southern California. “That’s why we invited all Comic-Con participants to join our quest to help save valuable resources.”


In order to accomplish this goal, Waste Management and the Convention Center called on all attendees and vendors to appropriately dispose of trash and recyclables in 150 recycling containers located throughout the complex. In addition, Comic-Con exhibitors and enthusiasts were encouraged to take the following earth-friendly actions:



The San Diego Convention Center also devised several new additions to their comprehensive recycling effort for the event, including recycling all exhibit floor carpet and installing an automated baler that captures more cardboard and reduces the number of collection trips.


Waste Management also serviced the convention with natural gas collection trucks, which lowered greenhouse gas emissions even further.


“Environmental sustainability is a key priority of our corporation and we constantly strive to improve our strong record of success,” said Carol Wallace, president and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation.


PHOTO: (l-r) Route Managers Javier Maldonado, Anthony Guzman and Greg Miller