52 Customer Stories

#42 - A win for the community

Milwaukee, Wis. – When Kohl’s Department Stores approached Strategic Accounts Program Manager
Christopher Batterson to ask for a donation to support a local revitalization project, he jumped at the
chance to get WM involved. The Kohl’s Cares program was building a new playground and needed a
pair of dumpsters to manage the project’s waste.

“Execution of setup and service was a great team effort between our department and the local market,”
Batterson said. “Special thanks to Andrew Weins, Jenn Henkes, Matthew Schneider, and Rebecca
Borelli for their help to ensure everything was delivered as needed. It is always great to be a part of a
project that is giving back to the community, and our partners were very grateful for the support.”

For the project, WM delivered two dumpsters, as well as separate containers for plastic bottle
collection. Completed in September, the project transformed what was once a rundown parking lot
into a brand new playground for the children of the Milwaukee community.