52 Customer Stories

#5 – Employee instructs on Recycle Often. Recycle Right.SM

Reno, Nev. – At the start of 2013, Reno, Nev., began a single-stream recycling program
involving more than 62,000 recycling carts and a slew of new instructions on proper recycling.
As one could imagine, some customers had questions about how to make this single-stream
recycling program a success.

One of those customers was Karen Oliver, who had several questions on how to properly
recycle using the new program. Desperate for answers, she contacted Waste Management,
who put her in touch with Francisco (Frank) Ramirez-Gama from Phoenix. After the call was
completed, Oliver reached out to WM to talk about her experience.

According to Ramirez-Gama’s supervisor, “She went out of her way to compliment Frank on
going above and beyond handling her issue. She advised that she has never done recycling
in her life, but after Frank explained how the program works she is now very interested in doing it.”

With WM focusing on a new campaign to educate customers on proper recycling – called Recycle
Often. Recycle Right.SM – it’s employees like Ramirez-Gama who are making a difference.