Customer Loyalty program a best practice

Texoma Area uses boards to communicate performance

Lewisville, Texas – With a keen focus on “knowing more about our customers and how to serve
them better than anyone else,” Waste Management’s Texoma Area has developed district-level
scorecards using survey results from the company’s Customer Loyalty program. Doing this
has proven to be an excellent way to track their performance along with loyal and at risk
customers. The scorecard:

The scorecards are posted on boards, which are covered with glass (pictured), that allow Route
Managers to use a dry erase marker to circle and highlight information during morning briefings.
Customer Loyalty has become so prominent among local leadership that the metrics are presented
alongside the Area’s safety performance – a huge step for rallying around the customer experience.

“Having the information in our launch rooms has proven useful,” said John Osteen, director of
operations for Texoma. “They are great visual aids for our Managers to use with their morning briefings
and allow us to maintain a culture of safety, customer service and optimization with our front line employees.”

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