52 Customer Stories

#32 - Alaska Regional hospital wins again

Anchorage, Alaska – Alaska Regional Hospital (ARH) is delighted to be the recipient of the Partner for Change Award for the second consecutive year. The award was given by Practice Greenhealth, whose purpose is to serve those healthcare organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable, environmentally preferable practices.

This year, Alaska Regional won for achieving the next tier in its sustainability efforts. This includes:

      15 percent recycling rate of total waste

      Reduction of regulated medical waste by 13 percent

      Pharmaceutical waste program that kept endocrine disruptors out of the water system

      Successful pollution prevention programs

Alaska Regional received this honor in great part due to the dedicated efforts of WM Project Manager Diane Landry. Landry has continued focusing on meeting and exceeding sustainability goals at the hospital complex for the past two and a half years. As a result, her efforts helped ARH win an Environmental Excellence award that is given each year to honor achievements in the healthcare sector.

“We will continue to increase our recycling percentage while also focusing on purchasing,” said Landry. We are evaluating factors such as removing styrofoam from the cafeteria and a mercury elimination program.”