WM expands California C&D recycling facility

New technology includes vacuum system, air separator
and vibrating screens

San Leandro, Calif. – On Jan. 14, Waste Management, StopWaste, local elected officials,
members of the recycling community and media attended a groundbreaking ceremony to
expand the company’s Davis Street Dry and Construction/Demolition Materials
Recovery Facility (MRF).

Located just outside of San Francisco, the site’s investment – worth $10 million – will bring
40 to 50 new green jobs within the city and process even more materials.

“This reaffirms Waste Management’s commitment to the local economy and our communities
to help achieve their waste reduction goals,” said Jack Isola, senior district manager for Davis
Street Transfer Station. “We see continued growth in sustainability efforts, and this expansion
provides dry-waste-producing businesses additional options to achieve their diversion goals.”

With upgraded technologies, the MRF will be able to process 1.4 million pounds a day of
construction/demolition and dry commercial volumes, twice the amount currently processed.
New technologies include a:

The new commercial dry waste line is being built in order to better manage the CalGreen 2013
mandates, which restrict the use of alternative daily cover and increase diversion goals for
construction debris. It is also designed to generate less than 10 percent residual of “readily
recyclable materials” per goals set by StopWaste, the Alameda County Waste
Management Authority.

“For certain businesses, like office parks and builders with large volumes of dry waste, they
may only need one bin for their operations because we’ll do the sorting for them,” said Rebecca
Jewell, recycling program manager for the Davis Street Resource Recovery Complex. “We will
help them meet their diversion requirements, while sending less than 10 percent of readily
recyclable materials to the landfill.”

The expanded facility is scheduled to be completed April 1, 2014.

Photo : Chris Zapata, San Leandro City Mgr; Jim Prola, San Leandro Vice Mayor; Jack Isola, Sr.
District Mgr, Waste Management; and Gary Wolff, Executive Dr., StopWaste, participate in the
ground breaking, while David Tucker, Dir. of Community Relations, Waste Management, cheers
them on.