WM driver wins DriveCam Driver of
the Year Award

Dennis Burrell recognized for safety excellence

Jackson, Miss. – Out of 500 companies that use DriveCam technology, WM employee
Dennis Burrell from Jackson Hauling was recognized by DriveCam-owner Lytx (pronounced Lit-ex)
as their Driver of the Year under the waste services category. The award ceremony took place in
San Diego, Calif., during which both coaches and drivers were recognized. Burrell, who was also
a finalist for WM’s Driver of the Year Award (page 1), has 32 years of experience operating a
front-end loader, during which he has maintained an outstanding safety record.

“We’re safer now because of DriveCam,” Burrell said in acknowledgement of the award. “It keeps you
on your toes. Makes you slow down and be cautious. I’ve never taken any chances just to finish up a
few minutes sooner. DriveCam reinforces that.”

In addition to WM having the top driver, the company also had DriveCam’s runner-up for Coach of
the Year. That honor went to Scott Speirs, a route manager from Venice, Fla. Thanks to his efforts,
and affective coaching style, his location has excelled in the DriveCam program and continues to
promote a safe culture.

“While we are very proud of these employees, this is truly a companywide recognition,” said Jeff
Martin, vice president of safety.