52 Customer Stories

#13 - WM implements composting program for Destiny USA

Syracuse, N.Y. – As the sixth largest shopping center in the country, Destiny USA is a 2.4 million
square foot complex. Since the onset of their business relationship with WM, Destiny has demonstrated
its leadership in sustainability. In fact, their shopping center has the distinction of being the largest
LEED® Gold Certified commercial retail structure in the U.S. and third largest in the world.

In 2013, in an effort to increase landfill diversion, Destiny USA expressed a desire to implement a
composting program in the mall food court. In partnership with WM, the logistics of collection and
transfer of food scraps to a composting facility was planned and the program is now fully operational.

One year later, Destiny USA has experienced an enormous 138 percent carbon footprint reduction,
largely attributed to its composting program. Other statistics for the initiative include: converting 275
tons of food waste into compost, recycling 38 tons of cooking oil and saving nearly 11,000 trees.

Special thanks goes out to Territory Manager Jesse Wright and Project Manager Frank Sabellico for
their efforts.