You Make The Call pays out

An unexpected winning opportunity for Houston driver

HOUSTON – Veteran Driver Donald “DP” Price tutors other drivers on safety procedures and performance,
always telling them to “expect the unexpected.” But DP never thought the “unexpected” would apply to him
winning a $2,750 prize in the You Make The Call driver lead program.

Price, who was one of four commercial drivers companywide selected to play the “Opportunity Knocks” game,
won the cash prize at a recent You Make The Call district event. In order to qualify, drivers first had to be
among their district’s top ten performers whose leads became closed sales for the company, and then they
had to be selected in a sweepstakes.

The three other winning drivers include Mike Frederick from Green Bay, Wis., Joe Riehm from Louisville, Ky.,
and Mark Smith from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Each took home $2,250.

Price joined WM in December 1999 as a container delivery driver and later moved to the commercial side. He
has been participating in the You Make The Call sales lead program for the last couple of years and has
earned a number of gift cards for his leads that salespeople were able to close.

“Looking for leads is all about being aware of your surroundings,” Price explains. “It could be a competitor’s can,
or one of ours that’s running over. Maybe the customer has a 4-yard container and needs a 6-yard. I always
submit the leads, so our salespeople can follow up.”

“DP is one of our most respected drivers,” says Chris Hickman, senior district manager for the Houston Metro
office. “He basically puts the rubber stamp on approving if a new driver is ready for the field. We are pleased that
he was given this opportunity in You Make The Call.”

“I try to set a great example for other drivers, both in and out of the cab,” says DP, who has been participating in
WM’s mentor program for the last four years, and has trained approximately 50 drivers.

Price says he can be really tough on new drivers. If he doesn’t feel they are up to par, he doesn’t sign off on them.
He will ride with them on the yard so they can practice, and continue to ride with them until they are ready. Or he
sends them back for more formal training.

“I tell them never to rush and always expect the unexpected!”

Photo : Driver Donald “DP” Price