Safety Today

Residential drivers achieve zero injuries in four years

Naples, Fla. In south Florida, one site is truly living up to the company’s Mission to Zero
safety goal. According to Juan Marante, route manager for Collier residential drivers, his
team has been injury-free since Jan. 18, 2010. It’s a credit to their focus on safety and a
tremendous milestone. Congrats to these outstanding drivers. 

Front Row (L-R): Maikel Abella, Norlys Abella, Jorge Valdez, Rochnel Estil, Javier Rivera,
Orel Garcon, Geraldo Cabrera, Fritzly Isme, Carlos Filsaime; Middle Row: Juan Fernandez,
Lorenzo Rodolfo, Rene Riveron, Mike Yahl, Juan Marante, Jesus Saldinas, Edel Perez,
Ricky Destefanis; Rear: Alberto Roque, Manuel Arrieta, Emilio Medal, Frisner Isme, Craig
Brand, Bill Holt, Lazaro Ramirez, Frito Pierre.