Dumpster.com has record week

Fall campaign begins

Houston – For the week ending October 13, Waste Management saw record online sales of one of its leading
products – dumpsters. With numbers still being calculated, the company estimates one-week online sales of
more than $309,000, which is a record. Here is the revenue breakdown:

“Sales from dumpster.com alone were the second best of all time,” said David Mayfield, director of marketing for
Waste Management. “This was a terrific way for us to start our holiday promotion.”

A leading driver of these results is a holiday campaign Waste Management launched in early October to encourage
customers to clean up their homes during the winter months. To kick things off, promotional emails were distributed
to more than 1.5 million customers, all of whom were directed to visit dumpster.com to learn more about the product,
place an order and earn a $25 virtual reward.

The dumpster.com holiday promotion is also accessible by visiting wm.com. The campaign will continue until the
end of this year.

“We believe these prospect and customer emails were helpful in setting this record,” Mayfield said.