Two-yard container used for art exhibit

“I didn’t know WM was such a supporter of the arts.”

Lincroft, N.J. – Until March 9, the Monmouth Museum and Cultural Center will host an exhibit
featuring a two-yard container from Waste Management. The dumpster, donated by the
Greater Mid Atlantic Area, is currently serving as a pedestal for a sculpture created by
Brooklyn artist Suprina Kenney.

Currently being featured during the museum’s Annual Juried Art Exhibition, the artwork — titled
“Seduction” — was created using everyday items pulled from the waste stream.

“I didn’t know WM was such a supporter of the arts,” Suprina said after learning that Senior
District Manager Tom Brindley was going to donate a container. “Thank you so much for your
support. You guys are the best.”

When Suprina first contacted Waste Management she didn’t know if the company would have
an interest in supporting an art exhibit. However, seeing the company’s ads and knowing its
record as a leading recycling company, she hoped there would be interest in her chosen medium,
which she called “found objects.”

“Looking back on it I didn’t study under any teacher that created art by finding items in the street
and allocating them in imaginative ways,” Suprina said. “The beauty I saw in the gutters of
Philadelphia struck me, and a lifelong marriage of creativity and expression began.”

In January, Suprina placed a call to the company and ended up speaking with Inside Commercial
Representative Daniel Cruz who recognized an opportunity to promote WM. Inside Commercial
Representative Linda Reis suggested that the request be forwarded to Community Relations
Coordinator John Hambrose who then contacted Brindley about the donation.

Container Delivery Driver Eligio Ricci from Matawan dropped the container off at the museum where
the exhibit team gave him high marks for his courtesy and professionalism. The Annual Juried Art
Exhibition was founded by the Monmouth County Arts Council in 1979 and for 34 years it has been
held at the Monmouth Museum. More information about the exhibit and museum can be found

Photo: Suprina Kenney posing with “Seduction” and WM’s donated container.