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6 tips for a more energetic day

Eat a healthy breakfast: Several studies have shown that eating high quality protein foods for breakfast can help you mentally and physically throughout the day. Here are some examples: egg whites, non-fat yogurt, natural nut butter, turkey bacon, whole grain toast and fruit. If you are pressed for time, a stop at the doughnut store will work against you. Planning or preparing your morning meal ahead of time can help ease potential stress of finding a good meal. 

Enjoy a couple cups of java: Coffee can energize you, especially in the first hour. Not that you want to rely on coffee for energy but this initial jolt typically peaks after an hour and can linger in your system three to eight hours. Know your limits so it does not work against you. Drink decaffeinated coffee in the afternoon if must have more Java so your sleep is not disrupted later. You need between seven and nine hours of sleep.

Keep your body hydrated: The Institute of Medicine recommends thirteen eight ounce cups of fluid per day for men and nine for women. Although water is best, all fluids count including coffee, tea, milk in your cereal, vegetables, fruit and non-fat yogurt to name a few. What happens if you get dehydrated? According to the American Heart Association, dehydration can be a serious condition that can lead to problems ranging from swollen feet, headaches, or stroke. When you are well hydrated, your heart does not have to work as hard since the heart can easily pump blood through the blood vessels to muscles.

Eat every four to five hours: You never want to go for long periods of time without eating. Eating healthy foods consistently throughout the day provides your brain and body with a constant source of fuel.

Limit or eliminate soda: If you like soda and other sweetened drinks, know that it can create a radical spike in your blood sugar which can leave you feeling tired a couple hours later. A good alternative to soda is good old fashioned water with a twist of lemon.

Take a brisk walk: During a scheduled break or before or after work, consider setting aside 30 minutes, three times a week for a walk. Not only will the exercise burn calories, it also will reduce stress, clear your mind and jumpstart your metabolism.