Safety Today

WM Energy Services improves safety performance
in West Virginia

Bridgeport, W.V. – In 2013, improving safety was a major focus for one of WM’s
fastest growing businesses – WM Energy Services. In West Virginia in particular,
where the company has been expanding its oilfield solutions, the Area team was
able to improve its Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) score by 55 percent, a
huge accomplishment. 

“Developing talent and improving procedures were paramount to the success of last
year’s efforts,” said Brian Holtz, district manager for Waste Management. “Our
employees are committed to embracing safety as a core value in this industry,
knowing they must be focused and alert at all times.”

Through WM Energy Services, the company provides a variety of comprehensive
environmental solutions, including both oilfield services, where WM collects, treats,
recycles and disposes of wastewater and drill cuttings, and pad services, where
someone is stationed at a rig 24/7 to manage waste.

Since entering the business, WM Energy Services has become more experienced and
is now strongly focused on developing and implementing the right safety protocols.
The results for 2013 were a terrific milestone toward for that goal.

“Significant safety performance improvements are a reflection of the strong safety
culture that the team fostered in 2013,” said Harry Lamberton, vice president of
Energy Environmental Services. “Great safety is driven by each individual taking the
ime to wear the appropriate PPE, follow all procedures, identify unsafe working conditions
and take responsibility for both their own safety and the safety of those around them.”