52 Customer Stories

#46 Employees prevent fire from spreading

Below is an email written to Jeff Budik, WM sales manager, Kingston, N.Y.

“I just want to tell you about two of your drivers who saved a house from being engulfed in flames.

On the morning of October 13, 2013, the Rosendale Fire Department and Tillson Fire Department
were dispatched to a brush fire. Upon arrival, the fire was extinguished by Waste Management.
Employees Jim Pells and Jose Cruz used a fire extinguisher from their truck to save the family’s home.
If it was not for their quick thinking and timing we would have been responding to a house fire instead
of a brush fire. It was a great thing and is to be commended. This shows how people can help each
other and the quality of training of Waste Management drivers. Please send our thanks and
recognition to the drivers of that morning.”

Thank You,

Patrick Reimann
Assistant Chief
Rosendale Fire Department