Safety Today

Route manager returns from duty

Fort Myers, Fla. This summer, during a Fort Myers Miracle baseball game, four children walked up to give the first pitch
Suddenly taking off his mask, the catcher turned out to be someone the family hadn’t seen in almost a year — their father.

Returning from a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan was Sgt. First Class Freddy Herrera from the Army National
Guard, who is also a route manager for Waste Management. During his deployment, Herrera stayed true to his
profession by  promoting the company’s 100 Days of Summer Safety campaign to his squadron. Coming from Florida,
a two-time winner of the annual competition, Herrera was doing his part to maintain a safety culture from thousands of
miles away.

With the Major League Baseball playoffs currently underway, think of this story and those serving in the armed forces,
some of whom are employed at Waste Management. Also, stay tuned for next week’s issue when we’ll have the full results
of this year’s 100 Days of Summer Safety campaign.