Tee Off – The Waste Management Phoenix Open

Q&A with organizer Jessica Lagreid

What is your role in planning the WMPO?

I work with the WM Sustainability Services Consulting team to plan and implement WMPO sustainability initiatives.
I focus specifically on developing volunteer programs around the Zero Waste Challenge. I also work with WMPO
vendors to promote compliance with the Acceptable Materials Guidelines our team has developed.

Tell us about the Zero Waste Stations.

Zero Waste takes shape in many ways at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The newest and most visible example
can be found in three 40-yard dumpsters, transformed to become interactive Zero Waste Stations and focal points of the
tournament’s recycling and composting mission. Located in high traffic areas, each Zero Waste Station will be staffed
with local volunteers trained to accept and properly separate attendees’ used materials (i.e. cups, plates).  These brightly
colored units also have a high-tech side with large flat-screen display panels showcasing “green” videos and live
“#greenestshow” Twitter feeds. Fans are encouraged to drop off their waste, take photos at the Zero Waste Stations and
upload to social media using #greenestshow.

How many volunteers are we expecting to attend?

This year we will have three of our new Zero Waste Stations which will be staffed with volunteers Monday through Sunday of
tournament week. This is an exciting opportunity for volunteers to play a hands-on role in the Zero Waste Challenge by
reducing contamination in the recycling and compost streams. It’s a unique and fun way to engage the local community in
WM’s sustainability solutions.

What should every employee know about the WMPO?

It’s great to see the impact this kind of event can have on a local level. Being based in Arizona, I’m so proud to work for the
title sponsor of one of the state’s most sustainable and charitable events. There is a growing momentum around sustainability
in the southwest, and the WMPO truly positions WM as an environmental solutions leader in the region. The WMPO is a
great example of what can be achieved by integrating similar initiatives with events and customers in other areas of the country.