Waste Management TRANSFORMER™ unveiled

Junk Heap to hit stores later this year


HOUSTON – Since Waste Management first announced its affiliation with the latest installment of the TRANSFORMERS™ series, employees have been wanting to know (more than anything else) about the launch of the company’s branded toy. Here are the top questions and answers.


Will Waste Management be getting a TRANSFORMERS toy?


Yes. The TRANSFORMERS toy is set to hit shelves toward the end of November to coincide with the holiday shopping season. Our character’s name is Junk Heap.


What does the toy look like?


The photos at left give you an idea of the design. Basically, it’s a front-end loader truck with WM’s branding on the side — just like our everyday vehicles. When it transforms it has an attack claw that kids will love.


Will employees be able to order one?


We’re still working with Hasbro on the details, but our goal is to make them accessible to employees. As soon as we know this process it will be communicated. The toy will cost around $9.