52 Customer Stories

#4 – Driver saves child while on-route

Delray Beach, Fla. – Delray Beach resident James Tracy is thankful for the quick
response of Waste Management Driver James Cassell, who he credits with saving
the life of his 23-month-old son, Mason.

On Jan. 9, Cassell was servicing the Delray Lakes neighborhood when he saw
Mason run out of the family’s garage and into the intersection with two cars
approaching. Cassell immediately put on the emergency break, jumped from
his waste vehicle and carried Mason out of harm’s way.

“I opened my garage and went to the side of the house to get my garbage cart to
take it to the curb and Mason darted out without me seeing him,” said Tracy. “We
are very thankful that James was vigilant and sprang into action to keep Mason
from serious injury or worse.”

“I have so many children on my route that I am constantly looking out for them,”
said Cassell. “I see many of the same children each day, and they come outside
and wave and say hello.”