52 Customer Stories

#29 - Mission to a Million picks a winner


Gulfport, Miss. – For the past year, Fleet Trainer Thomas Terry has been hitting the pavement to represent the WM brand. In fact, he’s logged an impressive 215 connections through the Community Connection program, where employees use cards to engage with both current and perspective customers. That equates to more than four connections per week!


What drove that was the Mission to a Million sweepstakes, created last July by Waste Management to encourage participation. One of the incentives for the sweepstakes is a quarterly drawing for big bucks. During the second quarter, Terry took home the top prize — a $1,000 check.


“Congrats, Thomas, on winning,” said Dave Aardsma, chief sales and marketing officer. “You’ve put forth a lot of effort since our mission began, so enjoy the extra cash.”


All employees: remember there’s still a bonus prize trip for four to Los Angeles up for grabs. You have until the end of July to make and report your connection into the Mission to a Million sweepstakes portal.