Driver saves customer following stroke

Waste Watch training scores another victory


Manatee County, Fla. – Earlier this summer, Troy Mercer, a residential driver from WM of Manatee County (Cedar Hammock) was on his usual garbage collection route when he saw woman lying in her front yard. He approached her and she claimed she had broken her hip. Mercer contacted 911 and gave her water until EMTs arrived, who then informed Mercer the woman was having a stroke and that he’d possibly saved her life.


“As Troy’s supervisor, it comes as no surprise how he handled himself on that day in that situation,” said Route Manager Frank Disney. “Troy comes to work and leaves with a smile on his face every day, regardless of what trials he may have faced on his own route. When other drivers need a hand, Troy is always willing to assist them and is a true team player. Troy holds himself to a high standard and always looks to do the right thing.”


Waste Watch trains Waste Management drivers to look and listen for suspicious activities and emergency situations they may witness during their routes and then report them to local law enforcement agencies or dispatch. Waste Watch was launched at Cedar Hammock in March 2013.