Maintenance Service Delivery Optimization
begins in Camden and Tucson

Initiative slated to roll out to more shops later this year

Camden, N.J. – On March 18, two maintenance shops — one located in Camden, N.J. and the other
in Tucson, Ariz. — were announced as the premiere locations for an important transformation initiative
that will improve the way company vehicles are maintained.

Called Maintenance Service Delivery Optimization (MSDO), the program is an offshoot of SDO, which
is currently expanding across North America to help streamline local operations through coaching and
technology improvements. MSDO will look to accomplish a similar efficiency goal by instituting best
practices and standards at all shops.

“This is an important transformation — and culture change — for our shops,” said Tom Whalley,
Corporate Fleet Director overseeing MSDO. “With MSDO, we’re looking to fundamentally advance our
mindset in the way we operate to allow for improved coaching, sustainable process implementation and
overall employee engagement. All having an impact on improving the Customer experience.”

Similar to other transformation programs, MSDO focuses on a series of goals, or “levers,” to make the
job easier and more efficient. These include:

  1. Encouraging personal coaching to drive better performance
  2. Establishing annual assessments, training and certifications for technicians
  3. Laying out a shop to make equipment more accessible
  4. Updating maintenance programs — like tire pressure monitoring — for better results
  5. Improving planning and scheduling for both short and long-term projects
  6. Creating different standards for maintaining a vehicle that’s based on its age
  7. Formalizing fleet-related safety and process rules to drive accountability

To meet all of these objectives, both Camden Hauling and Tucson will spend approximately ten
weeks working with MSDO coaches to review their current practices for how vehicles get serviced.
This includes their shop’s layout, preventative maintenance schedules, visual boards and coaching.

From there, technicians will incorporate MSDO principles to their workdays. By the end of the rollout,
each shop will be evaluated to make any adjustments to the program before releasing it more broadly
to other parts of the country, both this year and into 2015. The eventual goal is for all sites to be

This program was first piloted in McHenry and Antioch, Ill., in 2013. Both Camden and Tucson will serve
as “soft launch” locations for the initiative with more shops being targeted for late September.