52 Customer Stories

#3 – After losing Republic crew, boys gets to know WM

Bristol Twp., Pa. – Change seems to become more difficult as we get older, but sometimes even kids need a little help
getting used to something new. Mycal Bicking, 4, was sorry to lose the Republic Services route crew and truck after
Waste Management won a five-year contract to provide weekly waste and recycling service to the community’s 16,500
homes. Service started Jan. 2.

Hearing about the young boy through social media, Senior District Manager Mike Devaney helped introduce Mycal to
WM, his new crew and the new CNG truck that now services his neighborhood.

“Mycal was sorry to lose his friends from Republic so the DelVal North team stepped in and made sure he knows we’re
just as friendly,” Devaney said. Accompanied by Driver Vladimir Vasilevskiy, Devaney visited the boy’s home to give him
an official WM welcome kit, which included a winter cap and miniature toter.

“They were the sweetest people,” Mycal’s mother, Debb Bicking, said. “They were so, so nice. Beyond nice.
They were super nice.”