Northern California takes “ReCycling” to new level

92.4 percent diversion achieved


Chico, Calif. – If cycling 125 miles of rugged terrain sounds challenging, image WM North Valley’s challenge of managing the recycling logistics for 4,000 participants in the popular Wildflower Ride in Chico, Calif. Add the sponsor’s goal of Zero Waste and you begin to get an idea of what District Manager Ryan West, Public Sector Sales Representative Kat Campau, Justin Wilcock of the Sustainability Team, and the hauling district employees faced.


“The ride features five bike routes of varying distances, four rest stops and a dinner at the finish line for all the riders, family, friends and volunteers. It generates nearly 3,000 pounds of materials in a single day,” said West. “Working with the organizers, we advised them on the recyclability of materials, developed signage and provided trash, recycling and organics carts as well as volunteers who wore Recycle Often. Recycle Right.® t-shirts to instruct riders in choosing the right cart.”


Also helping to spread the Recycle Often. Recycle Right.® message was the WM bike team comprised of nine employees and family members. Together they covered 605 miles on April 27, an unseasonably cold, drizzly day. West and his team delivered impressive results — 92.4 percent diversion. In total they managed, 220 pounds of municipal solid waste (7.6 percent), 1,400 pounds of recyclables (48.2 percent) and 1280 pounds of organics (44.2 percent).


“We’re already planning for next year,” said West. “Like any good athlete, we want to beat our results. Zero Waste is within our reach.”


(L-R): Terry Singleton, Jake Walton, Marci Walton, Karen Stern, Pete Price, Anja Wehrmann, Louie LaMagra, Stanley Stern and Ben Levine.