January Science Series released to frontline

Operator Science Series expands to monthly

Houston -- Last year, Waste Management experienced three employee fatalities at post collection sites:

To refocus on the safety standards for disposal, WM is expanding its Operator Science Series from once
a quarter to once a month. This training, which focuses on one relevant safety issue each session, uses
both video and managerial instruction to get the message across.

For January, all operators and drivers (who currently have a monthly Driver Science Series) will revisit a
very important topic: staying safe at a WM or third party disposal site. Lasting approximately 15 minutes,
the video covers all the important things to remember when operating around the working face of a landfill.
In addition, all customers coming onto a WM post collection site will be required to view these instructions
and follow the same rules.

If you’re on the frontline, the new training videos will be arriving shortly. Online employees may view the video
by going to the Safety page on Visor or clicking here.