Pacific Northwest installs effective
recycling program


Diversion results coming later this year


Portland, Ore. – Across Waste Management, there are always

opportunities to incorporate sustainability strategies into every

aspect of daily operations. One example of this is currently

taking place in the Pacific Northwest Area, where a pilot

project is using the same strategies the company offers to its

customers to green its office environment.


Beginning earlier this year in Portland, Oregon, and lasting eight

months within the Area, the pilot was developed by Recycling

and Composting Coordinator Michelle Metzler, along with the

support of WM Sustainability Services. Its goal at the outset

was to better understand the benefits, staff time and financial

resources needed to implement a sustainability program within

one of the company’s Areas.


“In the Pacific Northwest, we help our customers increase the

sustainability of their communities and businesses,” Metzler said.

“It is a natural fit for us to do the same with our internal operations.”


Each month, volunteer Sustainability Coordinators have a number

of specific tasks to make their local program successful.

This includes:

Since facilities at WM is unique, each coordinator was given the

flexibility to design a program that worked for their locality.

Sustainability Councils, best practice sharing and tactics from the

company’s Total Recycle Program’s were all integrated into the

pilot to encourage participation at every level.


Today, Metzler recognizes that it would not be possible to get

locations to commit to a year-round pilot program without both

support from both the district manager and local leadership. At

the outset, the pilot was outlined in a detailed scope of work,

including expectation of hours and level of input from facility staff.

Area Vice President said it was worth the dedication.


“Our PNW education team has a great vision for sustainability for

both our customers and for staff,” Rose said. “It is exciting to see

this pilot take shape and incorporate internal sustainability

strategies that speak directly to our Transformation goals.”


Photo : Portland dispatch employees Erin Ferguson and Erin Malanche stand in front

of recycling receptacles.