52 Customer Stories

#28 Customer satisfaction at Pine Bluff Landfill


Marietta, Ga. – It isn’t often that WM landfill employees receive praise from customers. But Pine Bluff Landfill Ops Specialist Lana Yakushenko, Scalehouse Attendant Vivian Daniel and Ops Specialist Faye Jenkins recently were the subject of a customer’s letter:


“I wanted to let someone know just how much of a pleasure it is to work with Faye, Svitlana and Vivian in the course of our daily projects that afford us the opportunity to send waste to Pine Bluff,” said Larry Seabolt from Remtech Engineers in Marietta, Ga. “All three of them are extremely helpful and very willing to work with us knowing that our waste disposal needs are not the ‘norm’ in many cases. They also have been very helpful in getting the information I need when reviewing the ‘paperless’ invoices to match up the disposal to our projects. They are a great team and quite an asset.”


“I can see your level of engagement with customer service from his response,” said their District Manager Brian Evola. ”You are the first and in some cases, the last impression they have of Pine Bluff. Thank you all for your professional and courteous approach to our customers!”


Photo: Vivian Daniel, Faye Jenkins and Lana Yakushenko