WM strives for recycling education

Recycle Often. Recycle Right.SM campaign important for future

HOUSTON – If you’ve been following WM’s earnings for the past year, you know that while recycling continues to be a growing
side of the business that customers rely on, there are also some challenges affecting its performance. One of the most pressing
involves contamination, or the level of non-recyclable items ending up in collection bins, such as plastic bags, liquids or food.

With recent quality standards being imposed by China, known in the industry as the “Green Fence,” it’s up to WM to provide an
end product for the commodity markets that’s high in recyclable material and low in contamination. To get there, the company is
adding additional screeners and processes at its recycling facilities to take out unwanted items.

In addition, WM is launching a movement to educate the public on the proper way to recycle. Called “Recycle Often. Recycle
Right.SM” the new campaign is looking to providing an educational experience that’s creative and fun for communities across
North America.

On November 16, in honor of America Recycles Day, Waste Management sponsored its first recycling education event in the
Woodlands, a suburb north of Houston, Texas. Attendants were able to visit the company’s booth, which had several educational
pieces, including:

We had great volunteer support and a lot of interaction,” said Lisa Doughty, community relations manager for WM TEXOMA.

Also at the event was a Jumbotron positioned next to a live band that periodically played the official video for Recycle Often. Recycle
Right.SM Made this year, the five-minute film stars Bill Caesar, president of Recycling Services, along with a cast of kids recruited
from the Houston market. Using lots of color, graphics and some interesting props, WM will use this video to demonstrate the proper
way to recycle.

“If we all do our part to keep recycling clean and green the results really add up,” Caesar says in the video. “With your participation, we|
can reach that goal and score a big win for the environment.”

To view the video, visit WM’s YouTube channel.