52 Customer Stories

#14 - Drivers help residential customer, get goodie bag

Bristol, Penn. – Driver Nick Santiago and Helper Shawn Turner from Bristol Hauling Company
came to the rescue of a customer experiencing a medical emergency. According to Christine
Kavana, “They were out of this world and they saved my butt big time.”

Santiago and Turner were on their route on March 18 when (surprisingly) Kavana was nowhere
to be seen. That’s because every time they service her home – twice a week – she usually
meets them with a big smile and goodie bag, made up of little snacks. Moving on to the next
stop, Turner spotted Kavana on the ground in the street between two parked cars.

“She could not breathe or move,” said Bristol Senior Route Manager Thomas Hirsch. Nick and
Shawn helped her to the door and alerted her husband, who then took her for medical attention.
Afterwards, Hirsch said he was unaware that an incident took place until a few days later when
Kavana arrived at the station with a thank you card.

“I am very familiar with this resident because a few weeks back I was doing an observation with
Nick when I was approached by her because she was worried he was in trouble,” Hirsch said.
“She gave me an earful until she found out he was not in trouble.”

“I said ‘you’re not going to take these guys off of my street,’” Kavana recalled.

Bristol Driver Nick Santiago, left, and Helper Shawn Turner get a hug from customer Christine Kavana