Top Area safety performances of 2013 announced

Congrats Eastern Canada, Greater Mid-Atlantic and Florida Areas

HOUSTON – Congratulations to all Waste Management sites and Areas that made significant safety
improvements in 2013, which was truly a milestone year for the company. Not only did WM see a
successful implementation of DriveCam, it also saw a drop in auto/bodily injury incidents, a decline
in cell phone use while on the road and the best overall safety performance for recycling
operations in history.

A big thanks also goes out to the Areas that had the best safety performances across the company.
Here they are by three categories: the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), the Vehicle Accident
Rate Report (VARR) and Best Overall.

“These teammates are showing us that safety excellence is an achievable goal. And while it is great to
recognize excellence, the real prize for these teams is the continued health of their employees.” said
Jeff Martin, vice president of Safety Services. “To do what these folks have done, you have to prove
where your priorities are each and every day. Their example is one we can all learn from. Very impressive.”

North Tier

South Tier

Best Overall – Eastern Canada

Best Overall – Florida

Best VARR – Mid-Atlantic

Best VARR – Florida

Best TRIR – Eastern Canada

Best TRIR – Florida