Safety Today

Driver Science Series to arrive at sites

HOUSTON – In the latest installment of the Driver Science Series, a training video that
engages managers to talk with their employees about safe operating practices, frontline
workers will soon be instructed a very important topic: Life Critical Rules.

The topic is so important that the ten rules have been divided into two separate
videos – one premiering this week and the other in a month. During the video, to take
drivers through the rules, Waste Management Safety Services relied on SafetY Manager
Duane Daugherty.

“Every year, we start our first quarter with an increased focus on rules compliance,” Daugherty
said. “I think we do that because safety is not complicated. There’s nothing mysterious about
the reduction of incidents or fatalities. It all comes down to the fundamental rules and being
disciplined about them.”

Take a minute today to learn — or relearn — the first five Life Critical Rules for drivers. Videos
and instructions should arrive shortly.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Click here to read the Lie Critical Rules for drivers.