Safety Today

Sites to receive March Science Series videos

Houston – This month’s Driver Science Series, distributed to hauling sites across North America, and Operator
Science Series, distributed to post-collection facilities, will feature training on two very important topics: the
Life Critical Rules for collection and the Critical 8 rules for disposal.

In February, the Science Series videos focused on the first five Life Critical rules and first four Critical 8 rules.
This month’s videos will go over the remaining rules. Managers are asked to review the company’s practices in
detail and encourage frontline workers to remain safe and focused toward the ultimate goal of Mission to Zero.

“Following the Life Critical and Critical 8 rules are what we need to do at a minimum to have a safe operation,”
said Jeff Martin, vice president of safety service. “That’s why for the second year in a row we are spending
two months to train and re-train on this very important topic. Let’s stay focused and drive the message home.”

Click here to watch the DSS.

Click here to watch the OSS.