52 Customer Stories

#40 Praise for a save specialist

Moon Township, Penn. – Deborah, a commercial customer in Pennsylvania, had been
with WM for over 25 years. Following a miscommunication about her contract, she contacted
the company’s call center in Moon Township to cancel her services. Luckily, she was put in
touch with Ben Hartzell, a WM save specialist who not only kept the business but also earned
a new service agreement. Here’s what Deborah wrote to WM:

“It started out with our company wanting to cancel our long-term pickup service. We had a
signed contract three years ago … and were told that it ended in November and that we could
cancel this at any time prior to this date. Later on, we were informed that this is not true.

Ben stepped up and made a very strong effort to save our account and keep our positive feelings
about Waste Management. You should be very proud to have him on your staff. He worked through
getting a new contract that made our service feel important to Waste Management. We are a mail
order business and I would love to have such a positive and proactive person on our staff in sales
or customer service.

This has made our company very willing to sign a new contract and let all our employees know what
a positive experience we have had with Waste Management. We have a large group of employees
that have their garbage service with Waste Management and they were happy to hear that this
worked out in a positive way.”