52 Customer Stories

#2 – Driver and helper rescue woman, make news

Livingston Parish, La. – Driver Sharonda Jones and Helper Craig Polk appeared on the local news after rescuing
an elderly woman who’d fallen inside her doorway. Jackie Stockwell, the customer in need, had actually broken her
ankle and was unable to move for more than an hour. Only by yelling out for help was she able to get Jones and
Polk’s attention. Once in the house, both employees dialed 911 and waited with Stockwell until help arrived.

“I went over there, and we saw her in her doorway,” Craig said, during the television interview. “She was actually
on the floor, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“She was so strong about it, and I’m like about to cry, and she’s not crying, but I’m wanting to cry,” Sheronda said.

According to Stockwell’s grandson, Craig, the first thing she said when she got to the hospital was to “call Waste
Management and tell them thank you.”