Employees to be Called at Home
for WM Survey

Questions will be on transformation
strategy and communications

HOUSTON – Starting this week, about 1,000 drivers, mechanics and other frontline employees
will be called at home for a survey. WM’s Corporate Communications department is gathering
data on employees’ recall of the company’s three transformation goals and about WM’s current
and future communications tools such as WM Monday and Visor.

“The survey answers will help us understand how to best inform our employees in ways that are
timely, interesting, and help them do their jobs better,” said Barry Caldwell, senior vice president
of government affairs and communications. A random sampling of hourly employees in all Areas
and Wheelabrator will be called by Ipsos, a surveying firm. Employees are encouraged to take a
few minutes to answer these important questions if they are called. All callers and answers
are anonymous.