Waste Management to partner with Transformers: Age of Extinction

Promotions taking place in June and July





Los Angeles – On June 27, Transformers: Age of Extinction will release in theaters, featuring action, adventure and an exciting partnership with Waste Management. In early June, WM be kicking off a multi-platform and experiential campaign in conjunction with Paramount Pictures. Activation will include community events, customer and employee sweeps and contests, movie ticket giveaways, online, social media and more.


As part of this campaign, we’ve also developed a partnership with Hasbro to release a toy, named Junk Heap, later this fall. The first visual of the toy was released on Hasbro’s Transformers Facebook page in honor of Earth Day. The photo is already creating buzz and conversation among employees and followers on social media.


While more information about the toy will be released later this year, learn what Waste Management is organizing right now to showcase its step into Hollywood.


Truck Decals


Drive a WM truck? Soon you may be driving one with a specially designed decal that not only features the silhouette of a Transformer, but also communicates one of the company’s transformation messages. It reads:


Transformation is our specialty…

whether waste to energy

or trucks to Transformers.



Approximately 300 trucks will be equipped with a decal, with most appearing in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and others. The company is also organizing Touch-a-Truck events at several key locations where employees will be encouraged to show off a decaled truck, talk with attendees about sustainability and encourage people to sign up for a special online sweepstakes.


Sweepstakes and Prizing


During the month of June, in honor of Transformers: Age of Extinction, Waste Management will target:





Employee Contest


Customers aren’t the only ones that will have a chance to win tickets and prizes during Transformers: Age of Extinction’s run at the box office. As employees, you will also be able to get involved through WM’s Community Connection program. Here’s how it works.


Every time you make a connection, and submit it through the Mission to a Million sweepstakes page, you will automatically receive one entry into a Transformers sweepstakes. There is no limit to the number of entries you can make, so the more connections the more chances you have to win!


The sweepstakes will run throughout June and July. In early August, a drawing will be held for a grand prize trip for four to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. In addition, the top three Areas will receive 200 movie tickets apiece. Get started with the Community Connection program, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/missiontoamillion.


That’s an overview of what’s to come. There will be more opportunities to participate, win tickets and get involved through social media, but in the meantime get involved with the Community Connection program, since it could ultimately win you the trip of a lifetime. For more information, contact Corporate Communications at corp_comm@wm.com.