Mini TRANSFORMERS truck draws crowds in Southern California

Sunset Boulevard features WM brand


Hollywood, Calif. – The Southern California Area held a Touch-A-Truck event on June 25 at the Arclight Hollywood Theatre before and after the showing of TRANSFORMERS™: AGE OF EXTINCTION. City permitting did not allow WM to park a full-size natural-gas-powered truck right outside the theater. Instead, the Los Angeles district brought a mini truck to Sunset Boulevard.


Marketing Manager Sophia Austin said, “Our Touch-A-Truck event was a GREAT success! Because there was both a public and private premiere, we had big crowds before and after the show with a steady crowd in between. After the premieres, we were able to park our full-size CNG truck on Sunset, outside the theatre.”


The Hollywood event was one of several hosted by Waste Management employees throughout North America. Stay tuned for more photos in future editions of WM Monday.


PHOTO: Movie patrons on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood posed with WM’s mini truck displaying the TRANSFORMERS™ decal.