David Murphy, vice president of Innovation and
Business Optimization

One Team, One Fight. We all know the story of the sports team that had all the very best players and
coaches. They were a successful group and played well. But, when the big game came around, they
didn’t win the championship.


Well, it could be a lot of reasons but high on the list is a crucial element: They didn’t play as a team.
We’ve all seen it: the superstar athlete who cares more about his or her stats than he does the
success of the team.

Business people like you and me can fall into the same trap. Sometimes it is far easier to focus on what
is best for “my” department, “my” District, “my” shop, or “my” route. And, all too often when we stop
playing like a team the person who loses is our customer — the people and businesses who pay our bills
and allow us to make a profit.

So what does all this mean?

A few weeks ago and likely for the first time, we got into one room the Area fleet and operations leaders.
These managers collectively control the vast majority of our customer service delivery and about $6.5
billion of our cost. We talked about how we are going to improve customer experience and efficiencies.
Specifically, we discussed:

The Transformation journey we are on is not about “them” or “those folks over there.” Rather, it is about me and it’s about
you. It is about us. Every manager, driver, operator, technician, salesperson and call center representative. All of us. It is
about how WE, together as a team, are going to change this company and put it on a path to excellence.

We have the tools, we have the processes, and we have the people who can change mindsets and culture. One team, one
fight, and when we win, we all win. That’s Transformation!