WM Value Connection launching throughout sales org

Tool to introduce value

HOUSTON – From August 20 until October, the WMU Learning Delivery Team will visit all Areas of the company to train sales representatives on a new way of relating to current and prospective customers. Called the WM Value Connection, the training looks to educate employees on how to communicate the company’s value, and in so doing, differentiate Waste Management from its competitors.

“I believe this new sales methodology is a real game changer,” said David Voorhees, director of learning and development. “This new program is not just about selling, but helping to connect our value propositions to the immediate and long-term needs of our customers.”

The WM Value Connection began in January, when a committee — led by Vice President of Sales Optimization Steve Urian — was tasked with finding a new way of helping sales representatives communicate value.

First, the committee identified the top ten value categories for WM customers, or what they were looking for in a service provider. From there, they worked to create an automated tool that sales representatives could reference for delivering the company’s value propositions. This would come in handy during all kinds of touch points, from one-on-one meetings to phone calls.

Finally, the Learning and Development team used the tool to develop a process that sales representatives could follow flow to deliver WM’s value propositions. Through interactive discussions, activities and real world scenarios, these employees will learn what it takes to create a meaningful connection.

The first class was recently held in the WPA/WV/VA/MD Area. Starting next week, the WMU Learning Delivery Team will bring this training to all Areas and is expected to conclude by the end of October.