Pedometers brings IT analysts together

Walker Tracker software tracks steps, allows for friendly competition


Milwaukee, Wis. – Have you ever wondered how many miles you walk at work on a daily basis? How many calories you burn while trekking along the expansive facilities of Waste Management? Well, the WM Field IT organization is finding out and having fun at the same time.


In keeping up with the 100 Days of Summer Wellness theme, more than 40 individuals from the WM Field IT organization are holding a contest to see which team can walk the most throughout the summer. The results, so far, have been life-changing.


“It’s made me think about my health a lot more,” said Matt Gadoury, WM tech support analyst in Orlando, Florida. “I now watch what I eat and I make sure I walk every day, because I feel so good.”


Organized into four teams, each member is counting how many steps they take a day, and recording them on the website. Each team’s daily output is calculated, which is then used to launch a virtual race across the country. With approximately half the summer gone, walkers on each team have averaged 7,500 steps per day. However, activities like running, biking and swimming are turned into extra steps on the website.


“I am finding that the Walker-Tracker journey that the Field IT organization has embarked on is providing more motivation towards self-improvement,” said Chris Fiscus, tech analyst from Clarksville, Tenn. “While I had previously enjoyed hiking, I lacked consistency in my activities. Now, after a month of participation, I not only make more of an effort to constantly increase the amount of walking I do, but also have a more established routine of additional activities.”


Who knows who will win when the contest ends in August, but with the benefits of exercise, you can bet all participants are winners. If you are interested in Walker Tracker, contact Carole Grimard, WM Health Promotions Manager at


“I like the WalkerTracker,” said Tim Fitzgerald, analyst from Menomonee Falls, Wis. “It has been a good motivation to get up and get moving. I was rather slothful. I got tired quickly. I’m now exercising by walking and running daily and feeling great.”