MRF manager finds veteran’s missing wallet

Reporter describes “needle in a 10,000-pound haystack”

Jonesville, N.C. – In late January, a story appeared on WGHP, the FOX affiliate within North Carolina,
that described how Waste Management helped track down a wallet that had accidently slipped into a
recycling container.

Calvin Bryant, a residential customer and former Marine, had already taken his recycling to the curb
for collection when he noticed the wallet had gone missing. After calling Waste Management, he spoke
with Facility Manager Terry Feeney, who was able to intercept the truck carrying the missing item
before it went to the tipping floor.

Using a broom, and taking his time, Feeney swept through the items until he eventually came
across the wallet.

“It’s kind of like finding a needle in a haystack, but as long as you realize the job’s finding the needle,
you just have to move the hay out of the way,” Feeney said. “If that was my wallet, I would hope
somebody would take the time to look for it correctly.”

Thanks to this site’s diligence, Bryant was able to recover his bank card, driver’s license, Veteran’s
Administration identification and a Father’s Day letter he received from his son several years before.

“They took the time when they knew they didn’t have to,” said Bryant’s wife.

The WGHP news story was broadcasted throughout the FOX viewing area, as well as
online at

Photos of the WGHP segment : (L-R) Calvin Bryant and Terry Feeney