WM-branded products launch at Walmart

1,000 stores to sell two bags for waste and recycling

Bentonville, Ark. – Beginning in March, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, will begin offering
WM-branded, sustainable products at 1,000 of its locations across the U.S. The two products

Paper recycling bag

This item comes in two sizes – 13 and 30 gallon – and allows residential customers to store recyclable
items before transporting them to the curb or to a recycling facility. WM branding, including the
company logo, is featured prominently on the bag, as well as recycling facts and messages.

Premium trash bag

Unlike other bags, the WM-branded bag is made with 65 percent recycled plastic. They also come
in two sizes: 13 and 30 gallon.

“Walmart approached us about using our brand to sell these items,” said Dave Aardsma, chief
sales and marketing officer for Waste Management. “We were happy to lend our name and identity,
since these products are made with sustainability in mind — something our brand represents and
our customers are looking for.” 

As part of the agreement, Walmart has named 1,000 stores to serve as initial pilot locations, which
will sell the products until the end of 2014. Depending on how they perform, Walmart may increase
the number of stores that carry them in 2015.

Prior to hitting the shelves, all bags were tested and approved by members of WM’s recycling
services team and operations. For lending its name, and endorsing the products, Waste Management
will receive some royalties through a licensing agreement. More importantly, however, the company’s
name and logo will be clear and present for the millions of shoppers visiting Walmart stores.

A full list of the stores selling these bags is available on the homepage of Visor. The products are
currently being rolled out and should be at selected locations by the beginning of April.

“What a strong testament to our brand,” Aardsma said. “We are reaching our customers in many ways
and that’s good for us and sustainability.”