Wi-Fi network to upgrade

New process for laptops, guest log-ins and
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

HOUSTON – Waste Management has enhanced its wireless services to better serve employees and
guests accessing the Wi-Fi network. Until the month of January, the company will be switching from the
Odyssey Access Client to a Microsoft Windows network connection tool. This change will affect all current
Wi-Fi users, so please read the following instructions to make this transition a success.

Laptop users. When the process of removing Odyssey begins, WM computers will automatically upgrade
to the new network. During that time, users may see a popup screen alerting them of the action.

Users may also lose access to the internet temporarily. Once the new network has been established,
simply click “continue” to complete the process. Note that all non-WM Wi-Fi connections previously used
(from your home, hotel, etc.) will need to be reestablished.

Guests. The process for setting up a guest Wi-Fi account has transitioned to a self-service model. Going
forward, instruct guests to join the WM-GUEST network. From there, they will be asked to register for an account,
during which they’ll need to provide a sponsor’s email, or the email of a WM employee. Once the guest submits the
request, the WM sponsor will be allowed to approve guest Wi-Fi access for up to five days.

Bring Your Own Device. Have a tablet or smartphone? The BYOD network has been upgraded with a new and
improved log-in screen. In addition, it’s now available at all sites that have Wi-Fi. Simply log in to the BYDO network
with your wireless device. Instructions are also available on the Visor homepage under News and Announcements.