Frequently Asked Questions

  • Overview

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What is Customer Reporting?

It is an online portal that calculates and provides reporting on waste volumes.

What value does Waste Management’s Customer Reporting provide?

The goal of customer reporting is to allow WM customers access to information detailing services and products provided to you by Waste Management.  Reporting will detail your impact on sustainability and operational efficiency.  WM customers will benefit from ECR reports by being able to assess their overall company waste attributes as well as detail on individual locations and how those locations are doing with their diversion efforts amongst each other and over time. 

Where does the information come from?

Waste Management has a number of source data information sources to provide this reporting.  For roll-off container customers, actual weights of materials that are delivered to Waste Management transfer and disposal facilities are captured and linked to other customer data.  For commercial frontloader container pick-ups, Truck weights are taken and the yardage of the container collected is extracted from its “share” of the load.  For recycling mixes assumptions are made of recycling mix from other customers with similar types of businesses to yours.

Why do you provide this information?

Many customers are interested in sustainability and how to improve the sustainability of their businesses.  Customer reporting assists in providing measures of material being diverted from solid waste streams into recycling streams.  These measures can be used for setting baselines of diversion and setting goals for increased diversion.  Business customers can chose to change their procurement policies to purchase more recycle-able materials or encourage employees to recycle more effectively.  The tool can help establish how effective these efforts have been in increasing sustainability by improving waste diversion.

The tool says that I have metal/paper/cardboard/ plastic in my recycling and we don’t recycle metal here?

The tool makes assumptions about the mix of materials based on other customers with similar attributes.  Actual material mixes may vary from these estimates.

  • Diversion

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What information is presented in the diversion section of customer reporting?

This section provides diversion metrics by tons, location, material, and month.  The diversion metrics are estimates calculated by using the most accurate information available. 

  • Services

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What information is presented in the services section of customer reporting?

This section provides the individual services for all of your accounts with Waste Management. 

Which accounts are included in my report?

We consolidate your customer information from multiple lines of business based on name/address matching technology and present a combined view of your business with us. Certain sections of the reporting platform break down your activity by location, for a more detailed view. For any questions or corrections regarding your accounts, please contact your salesperson

  • Green Facts

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What are Green Facts?

Green Facts is a marketing visual tool for you, and your customers, to translate diverted material tonnage into more human-relatable sustainability statistics.  WM has worked with engineers to identify which materials contribute to each green fact and the conversion of those material tons into understandable facts.