Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accessing DART®

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I misplaced the email with my DART® credentials and/or the website address. How can I get access?

Please contact your Waste Management Account Manager. He or she can re-send the DART® Registration E-mail to you.

Why does my DART access keep getting locked / why do I keep needing to reset my password?

If your browser is set to store User IDs & passwords, it might be keeping an old DART® password and submitting it for you. Please be sure to enter your User ID (email address) and DART® password each time you login to the tool.

  • Entering Tickets

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Why am I receiving an Invalid Date error when trying to enter tickets for a project?

If you try to enter tickets with a date after the project expiration date, you will get an error. You can check the expiration date in the Project details.

  • Reports

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Why can't I see any of my projects on the Reports tab?

The top 3 reasons why projects are not visible:

1) Your User ID (email address) contains mixed case letters

2) Your User ID has not been added to the project

3) The Owner value has not been populated for the project

Please contact your Waste Management Account Manager to get any of these issues resolved.

I just entered a whole bunch of tickets into the tool. Why can’t I see them on the Reports tab?

Because reporting is handled by a separate system, data entered into DART® will not be visible on the Reports tab until at least 2 hours after it is entered.

  • Green Facts

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What are Green Facts?

Green Facts is a marketing visual tool for you, and your customers, to translate diverted material tonnage into more human-relatable sustainability statistics. WM has worked with engineers to identify which materials contribute to each green fact and the conversion of those material tons into understandable facts.