Sharps Disposal

Waste Management’s sustainability experts work with healthcare facilities of all types and sizes to safely and responsibly manage their sharps—as well as all regulated medical pharmaceutical, trace chemotherapy, pathological, and hazardous wastes.

Options That Meet Your Specific Needs

Sharps Disposal | Emerging Sharps management technologies have become a rapidly growing focus in the health care industry. With Waste Management’s sharps management expertise, we help you to select the Program options that work best for your facilities.

Reusable Sharps Containers | Our durable containers are offered in several colors, with both horizontal and vertical drop lids. Further, the wall mounts are available with both clear or glazed doors, and offer multiple options for hinges, locking and mounting. Finally, our state-of-the-art disinfecting equipment allows for cost-effective, sanitary, and safe reuse of containers, while improving sustainability and diverting significant volumes of waste from landfills.

Service Highlights | Waste Management offers a wide array of industry-leading Programs to meet your specific needs. Installation of sharps containers, if required, is coordinated with our professional install team, to allow for a seamless conversion from your current system. Our quality containers can be combined with a fully trained technician to offer a full service turn key program.

Program Goals:

  • Enhance minimization of needle-stick risks
  • Help reduce hospital cost and inconvenience (by giving Waste Management the responsibility of sharps container inventory management, collection and handling)
  • Streamline sharps collection in high volume areas
  • Help minimize carbon footprint
  • Improve safety and regulatory compliance