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Waste Management provides solid waste collection services to more than 25 million customers across North America – from single, residential households to large companies with hundreds of locations. As the nation’s leading environmental services provider, we can remove just about any kind of waste and offer a wide variety of safe, reliable residential services:

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Curbside Pickup Services

Waste Management offers a wide variety of curbside residential pickup services, making it easy for our customers to discard waste and recycle from home.

Solid Waste Pickup

Enjoy easy, dependable curbside waste pickup for residential customers.

Recycling Pickup

Choose from our many residential recycling services and never haul your paper, plastic and metals to a recycling center again.

Bulk Waste Pickup

Request a bulk waste pickup for various household items: major appliances, engine parts, furniture, and mattresses - and know that we'll refurbish and recycle as much as possible.

Hazardous Material Disposal

Let us collect your hazardous waste: old paints and varnishes, antifreeze, used motor oil, pesticides and household chemicals - and responsibly dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

Yard Waste Pickup

Sign up for our yard waste pickup service, and turn your grass clippings, tree limbs and leaves into earth-friendly mulch without going through the hassle of composting at home.

Food and Organic Waste Pickup

Ask about our curbside food waste collection program, and avoid going through the trouble of setting up and maintaining a composting system.

Products and services availability vary by area.

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Dumpsters & Bagster Bag


Use our online dumpster rental tool to find the right size dumpster for your project, schedule delivery and pay for it in just a few clicks.

Bagster Bag

When a dumpster is too large and trash bags won't cut it, this innovative solution is tough enough to hold your renovation project and cleanout debris. Bagster bags are an ideal solution for home improvement projects because you can always have one on-hand and ready to use.

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Other Services

Waste Management provides a wide range of waste and recycling services to help you remove materials that don't easily go out to the curb or into the recycling bin.

Construction Debris Recycling & Disposal

Whether you’re starting a major home renovation or just tidying up your property, Waste Management can collect and dispose of your construction waste in an environmentally safe manner, often by recycling it.

Medical Waste Disposal and Syringe Collection

Waste Management offers simple, convenient products to help you safely dispose of the used syringes and lancets by mail.

Recycle by Mail

Our Recycle by Mail programs make it easy and convenient to recycle compact fluorescent bulbs, household batteries, syringes, lancets, eWaste, and more without leaving your home. Simply mail the items back to us for environmentally responsible treatment and disposal.


PACK-RAT storage units are available for moves of any distance or for storage for any length of time.              

Products and service availability vary by area.

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